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ejiha's Live Webcam

---- P R O F I L E ----
Skinny/sporty Dutch guy, 20y/o, London UK
English, Dutch and a little French and German
I don't take tokens, but feel free to get me something from my
Amazon wishlist! Link is below. Hot gifts make hot shows...
---- H O W - T H E - R O O M - W O R K S ----
Turn-offs: don't boss me around and don't give me commands.
Just because you type in 'ass' in chat doesn't mean I'm gonna
take my pants off for you, so quit it. I will silence you or report!
Also it's great for you to be on here and feel free to watch, but
if I am not into you I won't pm you. Don't beg for it just let it be.
I like a guy or girl who can keep up a nice conversation. That
does not include 'damn I'd like to fuck you' as an opening
sentence. I am generally a nice guy but if you play nasty, so
will I. Except I've got the means to kick you out, and you don't.
---- L O V E R S - A N D - F R I E N D S ----
We got married on Tuesday 5/6 and we are very happy together.
The friends that are to thank for some of the shows hotness
through some of the gifts I got from em:
mitche67 - goodeal - mtnhiker - fuckyou2323

Nickname: ejiha
Site: chaturbate
Age: 20
Sex: male

Kinky Attributes

None (as of yet)