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furryrage's Live Webcam

I'm here mainly to waste time when I have nothing else to do.
I don't always put a show, sometimes I just come here to chat.
I come erratically so don't expect to see me too often, just hope I'm here when you are.
I'm nude most of the time because I like it, I find clothes too restrictive and I enjoy the freedom nudity gives me.
I often play video games with friends (mostly custom maps in warcraft 3) and I may be speaking to them on Team Speak 3 while I do a show, so don't mind it if I seem to speak to myself, I'm actually talking to them.
I also love reading (Sci-Fi / Fantasy books, my favorite author being Terry Pratchett and his Disc World universe), watching movies / series (mainly comedies / cartoons) and listening to a wide variety of musics except for death /heavy / black metal (I can hardly call screaming singing) and rap /RnB (sorry, the lyrics always kill it for me), my favourite singer is Weird Al Yankovic, even if I have a few others I really like, he's definitely my fav and I regret missing his concert in London.
I have a girlfriend but she doesn't want to appear on cam so she won't, except on a few very rare occasions and she will never go nude so don't ask for it.
I'm bisexual and actually have a small fetish for shemales because of that, but I just enjoy sex, without any regards toward the one of my partner.
Most of my gay relations were pretty bad, so I kinda lost interest in guys for now but I still hope to find someone with who I could have great sex someday since I still haven't got a good time with a guy.
I'm gentle but tend to get rougher as my arousal grows. I always treat my partner with respect and care and I always stop if it gets too rough. Don't try to make me talk dirty and such, that's just not me, to have great sex I need great love. I may get to it, but not from the get go.
I never went to a sex shop and don't own a dildo or any other sextoy, not that I wouldn't like, but it's just not a priority for me right now with the money I make (which is barely anything since I am still a student)
That's all for now, more to come when I'll find some to add.

Nickname: furryrage
Site: chaturbate
Age: 25
Sex: male

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