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razzle36's Live Webcam


50 tokens buys you a ticket!! You
choose the number & win the prize! I will then give you the password for the
CUM SHOW which starts when the goal is met! Only 10 people will
be allowed in the ELITE SHOW and you will be credited here on my page and on
Twitter! Of course, you can buy more than one ticket.....you can buy them all,
then we go private (c2c if you like), just you and me, for as long as you

In each raffle you can win a
10 minute private with me and there are two 5
minutes privates
to be won......or how about a photo from me
every day
for a whole week by email?! Lots of other naughty prizes to
be won, too!!!

Love to Tease, Aim to Please!!

Hey y'all!!! My name is Tara, I'm 38 and I'm
loving my time on Chaturbate!!  I love doing shows, the dirtier the better
but I also love to chat!! I'll talk about anything and everything.  Ask me
whatever you want - I'll always answer honestly!!  Here's some answers
to some FAQs:

**Yes, I'm married**  **No,
my husband doesn't know I come on cam**  **My bra size is 36DD** **My pussy is TRIMMED**

**Yes, I am Bisexual**  **Yes, I can squirt but it doesn't always
happen so I never promise it!!**  **I have brown
eyes ;)**

**No, I do
not smoke** **What do I do in private? Take me
there and find out!**

I LOVE:   Attention, adoration, chatty people, watching girls
on cam, stimulating conversation, people who take the time to read my profile, jokes,
cam2cam when in private, laughing, orgasms, teasing, stripping, dancing,
big tippers, my lovely moderators, my Chaturbate Bingo game, Twitter, receiving
gifts on my wish list, new shoes, new
toys, old sweat pants, rock music, romantic movies

HATE:   Bullies, lack of manners, fake tippers, non tippers, whining, begging, spammers,
doing privates without cam2cam

Spying has been disabled so when you take me private you guarantee to have me
all to yourself!


 Don't bark orders at me! My moderators will kick you out!
Manners cost
nothing! I'm sure your Mamma raised you right, huh? A please and a thank you go
a long way!

If you have a special request, tip me (and put your request
in the tip box)!  Is the easiest way to get it

Don't pretend to
be my Daddy, or say I'm your Mamma or sister or brother or son! Any mention of
incest or animals will get you an immediate lifetime ban as will pretending to
be under age!

body is far from perfect - if you're gonna be
mean to me, then please move along to the next cam! I'm proud of my body - if
you don't like it, I ain't forcing you to stay!!

There's just 3
things I don't do - no pee, no poo, no face - so don't waste your time asking!!
I have a husband, kids and a job and I don't want to lose any of

RESPECT me and all
the guests in my room!  Be polite to each other and help each other work
towards the common goal, don't spam my page, don't use caps or huge

PLEASE don't ask me to PM you..........if you haven't
noticed, I'm kinda
busy!!!  PMs should be used to negotiate rates for private shows and
discuss the content of those shows otherwise please type in public chat - you're
more likely to get a reply there!!

I love interaction on my social networking sites. 
Please follow me on Twitter
- @razzletara.  I love to chat with you when I'm not broadcasting, I love seeing
your photos and your comments!!! I want to get to know you real well!

Generally, all my
shows have sound.  For shows with no sound, group shows and private shows
will be unavailable.

HERE http://chaturbate.com/affiliates/in/7Bge/iFLEw/?room=razzle36 NO" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">http://chaturbate.com/affiliates/in/7Bge /iFLEw/?room=razzle36">http://chaturbat e.com/affiliates/in/7Bge/iFLEw/?room=ra zzle36 NO

Follow me
on Twitter http://twitter.com/RazzleTara " target="_blank" rel="nofollow">http://twitter.com/RazzleTara">http://tw itter.com/RazzleTara 
or email [email protected]

Nickname: razzle36
Site: chaturbate
Age: 38
Sex: female

Kinky Attributes