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sexxykeri420's Live Webcam

Hi, im Keri, but you can call me sexxy. I am usually on cam by myself, but will ocasionally involve my b/f for fuck and suck creampie shows. I have a very outgoing personality. I love having fun, i love to paint, I love to sing in the shower and I love going out to do naughty photoshoots, oh and i love sex in public areas.

~I DO NOT do fisting, scat, or bestiality, and if you ask for it you will likely be silenced or kicked.
~I'm not cheap so don't expect a flash for 10 tokens. Please read my goals!
~You will NEVER hear me ask/beg you for tokens. So don't beg for me to do something I don't want to.
~If I don't know you, don't ask to mod! Get to know me, then ask.
~Please don't post graphics unless you are modding.
~I smoke weed, if you don't agree with my lifestyle keep it to yourself. I'm not judgmental about your lifestyle. Thankyou.

My Favorite Bands:
~Pink Floyd
~Red Hot Chili Peppers
~Pearl Jam
~Modest Mouse
~Smashing Pumpkins
~ AWOL nation
~Jimi Hendrix
~Led Zeppelin
~Lil Wayne


#1 ralfyface-1550
#2 cheechbongered- 1130
#3 vbrastakiwi- 895

~Top Toker prizes include: never before seen mmf video, passwords to all PW protected shows in june, and 1 video of their choosing
~Top Toker gets a custom video of their choice made.
~2nd and 3rd get the custom video of the winners choosing.


1. I do group shows but if there's less than three people I stop.

2. PM me if you want a private show

3. I don't respond to people who say shit like "show tits" "show ass" or other stupid caveman tactics like "get naked"

4. Doing this will result in a permanent bann from my room...no questions asked...I'll give you a warning and if you do it again you get the ban hammer.
5. keep the conversation going in the room, I hate when its quiet
6. If you have a request, than tip me first, and Im sure I'll be able to satisfy your desires ;)

7. if you feel the need to spoil me when Im not online and want to send a suprise you can get stuff off my amazon.com wishlist under Miss Comfort.

8. Videos 4 sale, Pm me 4 details:
~1 striptease + Suck + Fuck Creampie-15 min~350 tks
~1 POV Blow Job + POV Cowgirl Creampie-10 min~250 tks
~1 Solo Pussy Play + Dildo wall fuck-8 min~150 tks

Nickname: sexxykeri420
Site: chaturbate
Age: 23
Sex: female

Kinky Attributes

Tattoo and 4 ear peircings