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underenzo_'s Live Webcam

21 year old Male Student! also self employed with a few different ventures. Im a very Artistic guy and love anything creative and abstract, I have many tattooes and plan on having much more when the time and money is available I also do tattoos aswell, another hobbie I have is breeding animals and selling to petstores and other parties, I am from the Azores' in Portugal, love the beaches I was raised with my family taking part in many social nude/naturist events, resorts, camps, etc, I currently live alone as a student downtown in a big city, and I am here for Networking, Actually talking to people. (not just a voyer) I am a very open minded and interesting fella, I hope to have some possitive chats with some cool people and if we arn't already naked then we can take it to the next level;p I'm reeaalllll kinky expecially for a guy, but I love every second of it, In love to cam to cam with people and hope to have plenty of fun with plenty of woman all around the world, and maybe a boy or two;p I'll show you if you show me and lick you if you lick me;p so lets just see how far we can go!

Nickname: underenzo_
Site: chaturbate
Age: 21
Sex: male

Kinky Attributes

Rings, & plenty of Tattooes