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cynful's Live Webcam

.The Girl's =50= $2.50 tip

.Wide-load Azz =60= $3.00 tip
.TuTu View=100= $5.00 tip

.YumYum Button=200=$10.00 tip

Anything Less than 50 token tip,. I am unable to flash...But Thank you!

!.So You Tip Me I Will Show You!!.........'''''.I believe Experiencing high spiritual connection when making love is...no words...pure love..it can be felt even without a physical touching..,.In.. your.. mental state....as its... all energy....It totally changed my view to sexuality...& sensuality....Through our bodies we can feel those different emotions erupting, releasing, healing..we unite..Physical and spiritual unites..its not just sex, its making love..being the love..sharing it at the same time as being one ..giving, receiving, energy moving..sacred energy..telepathic..peace :). Please show some Respect towards me and other members & guest thank you.Speak to me in the chat room i can not take personal ,Pm's.
If you can Keep my mind intrigued you shell capture my heart.I love to be sensual & erotic .I Love to sway to the sounds of music!...Sorry no full nudity.I love a great conversation yet i all so have a sense of humor & I love to Laugh!!..:).If you are looking for me to masturbate for u than you are in the wrong room.Just a little reminder..human life runs its course in the metamorphosis between giving & receiving .Except who you are because you are Beautiful just as you are.Even thou i am currently on remission I try my best to keep Smiling.You may view my Health Journey via Fb under cyndy will standstrong. My hair is getting gray and my body aches at the with pain,,But i keep Strong no matter what i am here sharing my Love and kindness to you..Hmm..So
My Scars & Deformities no longer frighten me.I am Cancer Free!! I see sexy & stay sexy as i can be. I've lived years veiled to protect others from my scars - I know my scars are my lifeline to all I have Today, The veil is lifted ! I'm little firm in places yet mushy in others...I am who I am!..Juicily Living ..Juicily Aging...If you don't like me..YOU do not have to stay to view nor chat with me because,..friends really do come and go,..Some come back & some don't & that's OK !! And if you have nothing nice to say..Than Please leave!! & Just a reminder.****PRIVACY POLICY: The use of my pictures in any form online or offline now or in thenear future is not permissible without my expressed written consent.& Any act to promote or gain profit (either monetarily or socially) from the use of my profile, video or pictures is a violation of my privacy and subject to legal action.****Have a Wonderful Day!!

Nickname: cynful
Site: chaturbate
Age: 49
Sex: female

Kinky Attributes

Scars & Implants form breast I lost due to Cancer & Knee implants to walk again.I'm no longer in a wheelchair. Life Is Great!