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freshhipsters's Live Webcam

We are struggling artists who also need to eat and pay rent and tuition, so help us survive and we'll help you ;) She's an illustrator and He's a composer. We're into most types of music except for rap, dubstep, and country. We love cartoons like Adventure Time and Home Movies.
Tips for Requests
No rude comments, we're here showing you everything, the least you could do is be polite.
Requests without tips, rude comments, and graphics will get you banned.

Follow us on tumblr to keep up with when we will be broadcasting and for an exclusive picture once a week, as well as Q&A.; http://freshhipsters.tumblr.com

Tips Guide:

50tks -

tits, pussy, dick or ass flash!
balls on her face!

100tks -

masturbation or oral!
mod for the night!
1 custom picture! (tell us what you'd like)

200tks -

Rough play! (she slaps he, he slaps she, throat fucking, hair pulling, etc)

500tks -

You decide how the show ends!! (e.g. cum inside her, sing a song, whatever)
She says your name during sex!!

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Nickname: freshhipsters
Site: chaturbate
Age: 21
Sex: male/female

Kinky Attributes

Gauges. cock and tits.