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metalhippie's Live Webcam

I'm an exibitionist, I love to show off. I also show whatever I feel like showing, when I feel like it.
Ask kindly and life usually rewards you. be kind, even though you're relatively well hidden behind a nick on the internet.
I sometimes cam-2-cam if you're a naturalist, for a toke in the nude or whatever have you,
I sometimes cyber if I find the person attractive. (mind you, I care little about the wrapping and the ribbon. It's the toy inside I want to play with).
Chaturbate is my closet to Narnia. I do not bring anything out of the closet that does not belong in the other world. I will usually not share my email or msn and especially not my facebook with people I meet on Chaturbate, unless we become very well aquainted.
I'm into both women and men, but I'm a romantic.
I won't fly over to Frickingfarawayistan just to smoke your dick or eat your pussy.
The ones I have had sex with have been someone I have had feelings for, and I can count them on one hand. feelings is something you get from knowing the inside of someone. The window to the soul in though a person's eyes, not anus.
to boys and girls from scandinavia, keep it in english. people get their pants in a bunch when they don't understand what others say in the chatroom. ;)

Nickname: metalhippie
Site: chaturbate
Age: 31
Sex: male

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