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sweetfoxywild22's Live Webcam

I am a somewhat conservative yet open minded .I have lived a very full life so far on many sides of the track. There isn't a whole lot I couldn't relate to or at least understand.I was brought up very conservatively yet worked off an on as an exotic dancer for 5 years in order to pay the bills. Although I miss my former profession ...From the outside looking in I seem to be a bit out of date as I still dress in skirts and dresses most of the time as well as that I also believe in making everything from scratch in the days of fast food and microwaves.This does not mean that I am a submissive person by any stretch of the imagination. I say what I think and stand my ground on what I believe in.
I will discuss sexual topics and it doesn't bother me if I know someone is masturbating as we chat. I simply discuss adult issues and topics. If you are crude or disrespectful I will suggest you call someone who's listing is more geared towards that. I am not here to judge you. Don't be afraid to share your secrets with me.
-15 MIN=400 TK


Tarot history is lost in the mists of time, Tarot is a monumental work, single, simple and powerful, like sustainable architecture so therefore pyramids. Tarot solve any problem, the books speak for themselves, making you think, inspiring, harmonizing all possible conceptions of artwork, carry the human spirit, and certainly one of the most beautiful things that antiquity has left us .

Signs people left on earth to reveal some secrets are many, and Tarot is one of them.A know what will happen in the next hour, year or decade, the evolution of physically or emotionally, how to overcome - if possible, the obstacles which may arise in the future. Free yourself from fear or doubt the display of books associated with the practice of magic or illusion merchants. My motto is to know first before you judge.

The most important aspect that we want to find all but we fear a greater or lesser extent, is the FUTURE! Future direction of interest is always a great extent on each of us, whether it's just strictly material side of the sentimental or that is in a close relationship with the pursuit of ideals and abstract concepts.

Consultations are done in my private room 300tk=10 min,500 tk=30 min

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Nickname: sweetfoxywild22
Site: chaturbate
Age: 26
Sex: female